Round Table Discussion with Family Friendly Companies

2015. 08. 12.

The Three Princes, Three Princesses Movement announced the 2015 Family Friendly Company Award in the course of a round table discussion. At the press conference several of the award winning companies from last year presented their family friendly policies, among them Fornax ICT, the winner of the medium sized enterprise category.

The Three Princess, Three Princesses Movement announced its Family Friendly Company Award this year as well. The acknowledgment is given to firms that enable the family friendly approach “on site” as well, thereby supporting work-life balance. At the press conference held in July several previous winners presented their family friendly policies. Fornax ICT, last year’s winner in the category of medium sized enterprises was represented by HR manager Dominika Schmidt, who talked about the family friendly program of the company.
The movement announced its tender for the third time in 2015 for small, medium and large enterprises. The winners will be allowed to use the Family Friendly acknowledgment logo in the following year. The novelty this year is that following an assessment the movement will suggest a development project for companies wishing to adapt family friendly policies.
Doctor Mária Kopp, the organizer of the Demographic Round Table founded the movement in 2009 to support the birth of planned children in Hungary. According to surveys young couples plan to have 2-3 children, but end up having 1,3 on average.
The good news is, however, that there are more and more family friendly jobs and initiatives every year, and the family friendly approach becomes the norm – said Tünde Fűrész, the Deputy State Secretary for Family Affairs of the Ministry of Human Capacities.
The civilian organization talked about experiences so far at the press conference held in the beginning of July. It is namely a proven fact that companies where employees are more satisfied are more successful, in other words, the family friendly approach is tangible, and measurable in revenue.
While speaking about the family friendly events, Dominika Schmidt also shared details about the relax room at the company headquarters and the child friendly work day, a day much appreciated by children and grownups every year.
She added that the initiatives have proven to be beneficial to the work of the parents and their families. There could be no better way to demonstrate our family friendliness than the fact that we are expecting 6 Fornax Juniors this year.
More details about the Family Friendly Award of Fornax ICT in 2014: