Innovation for sustainability – Dolphin Award Certificate

2015. 08. 24.

This year the judges of the Dolphin Award acknowledged the tender of Fornax ICT in the category of „Innovation for sustainability”, which was inspired by the ambition to change social and environmental effects in a positive direction.

In 2008 Hungarian Telecom founded the DOLPHIN AWARD which is meant to acknowledge enterprises that show an outstanding commitment to sustainable development. Since 2013 the company announces the competition not only among its vendors, any company active in Hungary can run for the award with plans that were implemented in 2014. The tenders were evaluated and ranked by a board of professional judges.

This year the judges awarded a certificate to Fornax ICT for its tender in the category „Innovation for Sustainability”, in which they presented the connection between sustainability and the HGAS system they developed for the National Waste Management Institute.

With the cooperation of other partner systems the base system founded on Eventus contributes to the modern and cost efficient IT support of waste management in various ways. Among others the system helps mid- and long-range planning, controlling and reconciliation processes, and provides strategical decision support based on available analyses, models and simulations.

The HGAS system developed by Fornax plays a central role within the HUNOR system. It ensures cooperation with connecting subsystems, the tracking of waste collection and transport activities complying with regulations, it supports and aids – according to given requirements – the execution of control requirements and control tasks. With its reporting tools HGAS provides accurate, up to date, verified, real data, supporting decision makers.

The operative usage of the system not only increases the efficiency of resource management for all stakeholders of waste management and provides a firm basis for accurate data services on a domestic and a European level as well – which in itself has a positive economic effect – it also has a number of social and environmental effects not only for the participants, but for all of us.

The greatest business value of the Eventus platform serving as the foundation of the system – besides making operations cost efficient, controllable and optimizable – is supporting a less bureaucratic, more transparent operation, thereby a paperless future. In 2010 it was the Eventus System that received the Dolphin Award in the category of Innovation for Sustainability.

Fornax, therefore, has been committed to sustainability for years, as not only does it pay attention to the environment during the elaboration of its business strategy and during its every day activity, but also during the creation of its IT solutions. The goal is always the creation of an efficient system  with the lowest cost possible – the developers, however, keep in mind sustainability as well as business interests. The experts of the company implement the innovative developments responsibly and environment consciously, not forgetting about the future.