Child friendly workday already a tradition at Fornax ICT

2015. 09. 16.

Gym class, balloon animals, dance class, beads, giant soap bubbles, origami and Child Cinema – just a sample of fun activities that Fornax ICT employees had to offer for Fornax Juniors on the child friendly workday.

True to the tradition Fornax ICT organized its annual child friendly workday on a pleasant late summer Thursday seasoned with the prattle of the young ones.

The company welcomed the children with an eventful day in its office space, and just like last year, it was the colleagues themselves who organized and facilitated the activities. Otto and Ricsi launched the day with an energizing gym class that exercised the entire body, following which Zoli, that is Zaltán Nagy, the general manager of Fornax ICT introduced the young ones into the mysteries of balloon modelling. After that the young guests learned an entire jazz ballet choreography on Tamás’s dance class. Timi made bead necklaces, bracelets and other accessories with the girls in the relax room, while others played board games or did origami in the other rooms, the more tired ones watched animated movies in the Cinema that was converted from our conference room.

There was also a bakery competition during the day, people were able to vote on confectionary wonders prepared the previous day. The Best Baker of ICT award was won by the contestant receiving the most votes – the gold winner goodie this year was a „Cossack’s hat” created by Viktor Kasuba.
The highlight of the day was a surprise prepared by Katinka in the office parking lot, where the children were able to make man-sized soap bubbles using home-made bubble blowing tools.

The event was visited by the two youngest ICT Juniors, Bianka and Adrienn. The one-month olds slept peacefully on the knees of their mummies and daddies, while the colleagues finally had the chance to admire them personally. Four new babies were born this year to Fornax ICT parents in addition to the previous 41, and 3 more are due.

It is not only on this day that the company values the family friendly attitude, it is one of the cornerstones of our HR policy. Among other HR initiatives flexible work time, telecommuting, temporary employment and part time employment are all possible.
The best evidence of our success is Fornax ICT winning the Family Friendly Company 2014 title in the medium sized company category of the tender announced by the Three Princes, Three Princesses Movement.

According to general manager Zoltán Nagy a family friendly approach and a child-centric management attitude pays off manifold, their effectiveness can be measured not only by the Family Friendly Company 2014 title, but also by internal employee satisfaction surveys and the efficiency of the firm’s recruiting processes.