Sustainability Day 2015 – Fornax among the participants

2015. 10. 01.

Due to the Dolphin Award bestowed on it this year, Fornax was invited to the Sustainability Day 2015 of Hungarian Telekom, participating as an exhibitor with its Eventus-based

Fornax won Hungarian Telekom’s Dolphin Award in 2010 in the realm of sustainability, and this year Hungarian Telekom again acknowledged Fornax with a certificate for its application in the category „innovation for sustainability”. The certificate acknowledged the HUNOR project launched by the National Waste Management Directorate of the National Inspectorate for Environment and Nature, in which Fornax participated with an Eventus-based solution. The software development of the Waste Management Base System was done namely by Fornax. The system supports the daily operation of the National Waste Management Directorate and helps to achieve the goal to reuse the material of as much of the more than 10 million tons of waste per year as possible.

Thanks to the Dolphin Award, Fornax was invited to the Sustainability Day 2015 of Hungarian Telekom, participating as an exhibitor this fall in Millenáris Park. The focus of the event was the harmonization of the areas of environment, society and economy and the continuous studying of the interaction of these.

The visitors to Fornax’s exhibition booth were able to learn how the Waste Management Base System built on Fornax’s own workflow management system contributes to the state of the art and cost efficient IT support of waste management.

The booth was livened up by decoration made of PET bottles, and an instructive description waited those interested in environment protection and waste management. Our colleagues also rewarded active participants who answered the questions of a quiz with valuable prizes.

In addition to the almost forty exhibitors working in areas connected to sustainability, the organizers prepared several round-table discussions to those interested. Following the inspirational speech of Róbert Alföldi, the debates were primarily focusing on the question of distance from different angles. The first one discussed the topic of environment and distance, followed by a conversation about distances experienced in business. In the social section the topics of poverty and exclusion were examined and of course this field allowed the discussion of immigration and emigration as well.

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