Santa Claus á la Fornax

2015. 12. 20.

As has been his wont for the past 25 years, Santa Claus visited Fornax, a company awarded with the Family Friendly Prize for a second time.

One of the cornerstones of Fornax HR policy is the family friendly attitude. There is no better proof than the fact that Fornax ICT won the Family Friendly company title in the medium size company category in both 2014 and 2015 in a contest organized by the Three Princes, Three Princesses Movement.

In this spirit many Fornax juniors attended this year’s Santa Clause Evening with their families. The dear old man was very keen to meet the children, who arrived with poems and rhymes to him and the elf girls. A few of the little ones prepared a surprise and gave a drawing to Santa Claus, who gave red packages full of healthy treats and toys to all the children whether they performed something or not.

This year Santa and his helpers offered more than surprises, goodies and the adventure playground to the families, as face painting fairies also joined their team – soon the room was filled with Spidermen, Batmen, tiger cubs and angels.

One of the youngest ladies of Fornax also participated at the event, the six-month old Adri had a wonderful time, especially when she tried to pull off Santa’s beard. After all the youngsters had received their presents and Santa could rest for a while, the two elves invaded every nook and cranny of the bouncy castle with the children. This gave the parents a chance to chat a little.

According to the statistics of Santa Claus every single Fornax junior had been good this year. Of course a few naughty ones bravely admitted their mischiefs as well. They boldly looked Santa Claus in the eye and confessed they were naughty on occasion, but argued that they deserved the gifts nonetheless. Santa Clause needed no convincing.