GOP-3.3.4-15-2015-0014 TENDER

Name of beneficiary: FORNAX ICT Infokommunikációs Megoldások Kft.

  • Project ID: GOP-3.3.4-15-2015-0014
  • Contracted subsidy: 19.959.000 Ft
  • Subsidy percentage: 75 %
  • Planned completion date of project: 2015.10.31
  • Project title: The selection and elaboration of product ideas from the innovative idea portfolio of Fornax ICT that can be entered into the Horizon 2020 tender
  • Presentation of project scope:

In addition to leveraging business opportunities offered by its existing portfolio and clientele, Fornax ICT aims to expand its export potential, of which one of the key elements is exploiting innovative ideas that are deemed useful enough by financing their implementation fully or partially with the help of H2020 tenders. A number of our ideas can explicitly be connected to current EU and H2020 areas, these include SmartCity, traffic optimization, energetics, sustainability and environment protection.