The installation of a new software or system carries a number of risks, and may result in various changes in the business, IT environment and human resources of a company. The picking of the most appropriate vendor is therefore just as important as getting the job done according to plans, which must be placed in the hands of excellent experts. We are proud to employ people with decades of experience in this area, who have done substantial work helping various corporations to achieve their business and IT goals.

Our company provides consultancy related to systems in our competency starting from the business requirements – as the first step of development – through the feasibility study up till the commencement of coding. If required, our experts assess the technical requirements of our customer as independent consultants, and will also support the quality assurance of projects.

Our consultancy encompasses the following areas:

  • BPM, BPR, project and program management;
  • project audit, organizational change management;
  • preparing strategies;
  • consultancy regarding tenders;
  • installation of quality control systems;
  • vendor (service, software, etc.) selection;
  • application/ system consolidation;
  • system design;
  • data migration;
  • IT security audit;
  • NFC technology;
  • Business continuity and disaster plans;
  • Temporary staffing;
  • IT consultancy;
  • AS-IS / TO-BE analyses;