reDinner mobile application

2016. 02. 19.

The reDinner mobile application, one of Fornax’s new developments, creates a new type of relationship between restaurants and guests, while being easy on the purse and the environment.

Nowadays restaurants and cafeterias offer a wide range of daily menus and ready meals. Quite often some of the food remains unsold by the time of closing, and therefore goes to waste. In case the restaurant is willing to sell these with a significant discount, it can publish this offer via the reDinner application, which in turn notifies registered customers, who can then decide to order these meals that they can pick up before the restaurant closes. This creates a win-win situation: the restaurant can sell every portion of their food, and the customer can get fresh, delicious meals at a very reasonable price.

The enhancement of the current pilot version will primarily focus on the option of mobile payment and the GPS based notification, on iOS and Windows Mobile platforms as well as Android. Using the pilot version people will be able to order from the menu of the PQS restaurant in Infopark, Budapest after 1:30 p.m. on workdays.

The idea belongs to a Hungarian startup enterprise, the development and the pilot was performed by Fornax.

We ❤ reDinner

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