Fornax ICT at the Go Kart Races

2015. 06. 29.

As part of a team building, the staff of Fornax ICT had a go at the go kart. They finished fourth in the team competition.

As part of a team building Fornax ICT entered two teams into the Go Kart Championship organized by CPI Hungary at the end of May, where our colleagues were able to pit their driving skills against other drivers. The competition took place in the underground parking of Europeum, where a 240 meter long race track was built for the go karts running with special electric engines. 15 teams, that is 45 contestants entered the CPI Go Kart Championship, the majority of whom were men.
The emcee was Gábor Bazsó (aka Karotta or Ninó Karotta), the well known journalist-emcee from, the online car magazine, who made the race visible and enjoyable to even those who did not continuosly follow the go karts doing their laps in the parking with their gaze, or did not check the lap times on the displays. During the laps Ninó Karotta also revealed to anyone interested that these new electronic go karts are no run-of-the-mill vehicles, they possess an intelligent electronic system that slows them down in case the driver crashes into things too often – so none of our colleagues’ life was in jeopardy during the team building competition.
A further interesting fact about these go karts weighing 150 kg each is that they can run on 4 different speed ranges. As a result, these cars can be driven from the age of 6. The speed ranges also eliminate the variance in the weight of the drivers, as the cars of heavier drivers can be set to higher performance, in other words all drivers had an equal chance to win the cup regardless of their body mass.
First the contestants did test laps with the intelligent four-wheelers, which were to determine the pole positions of the qualifying run. The results of the best laps during the qualifying run determined the team’s results. After that the most successful six teams were to delegate one driver each for the all decisive run.
According to the accounts of the contestants the steering of a gasoline and an electric car is not too different; everybody got the hang of driving quickly. As the track was rather narrow, taking over demanded concentration, but according to our colleagues this did not diminish the joy of driving. As a closure of the evening the awards were presented, and the cup went to the team of AON. Fornax ICT finished fourth in the team competition.