It is possible to build a Family Friendly Company – Fornax winner of the Family Friendly award this year again

2015. 11. 11.

Fornax ICT won the Family Friendly award in the medium sized company category again in 2015 in the contest announced by the Three Princes, Three Princesses Movement.Just as last year Fornax ICT won the Family Friendly award in the medium sized company category again in 2015.

The movement set its sights on promoting companies where employers consider family friendly attitude a value and integrate it into their HR policy. Companies where a family and child centric view is also important besides making profit.
A family friendly attitude has been important for the Fornax company group since the beginning, and it has gained momentum as the company developed in the past 25 years. Within the company group, Fornax ICT has an IT profile, therefore 70% of the headcount is male, so in practice the family friendly attitude is meant to provide support for young fathers.
Zoltán Nagy, the general manager of the company lays great emphasis on work-life balance. In his opinion the key to successful and efficient work is not merely providing a secure job and appropriate working conditions, it is equally important to have a stable and supportive family atmosphere and the corporate support of such.
Amongst other similar policies flexible working hours and the option of part time work help parents, but employees may also bring their children to work if necessary. This happens most frequently during the summer vacation, but it can also help when unexpected situations arise.

The movement launches a new idea in 2016, the so called „Family Friendly Company Good Practices Database”. The initiative asked Fornax ICT to be a mentor, as the company is already deemed a pioneer in Hungary in this area. The program itself will also improve the recruiting process of the company, as one of their target groups consists of those young “mindful” job seekers, who not only consider working conditions and the salary, but also the companies’ culture and family friendliness.
Another initiative of the firm is a Facebook group called „Fornax Juniors”. It offers Fornax parents to share experience, exchange opinions and provide encouragement to each other on bleaker days – all this in the topic of babies & children, irrespectively of the young ones’ age.
For Fornax the real acknowledgement accompanying the award is that the success of family friendliness can also be measured in the employee satisfaction survey.
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